ERP Software

Just Web Click (JWC) has been developing software for individual customer requirements on ERP system software. We always find quick and effective solutions with value of quality – it is important for us and our customers ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning System – Enterprise Resource Planning) – corporate information system (EIS), designed to automate accounting and management. Typically, ERP-systems are built in a modular fashion, and to some extent cover all key processes of the company.

Application of the ERP-system allows the use of a single integrated program instead of several disparate.Single system can manage the processing, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoicing and accounting. These systems are aimed at meeting the needs of companies in the funds management business.

At the core of ERP-systems based on the principle of creating a single data warehouse, containing all the corporate business information and provides simultaneous access to any required number of employees of the enterprise, with adequate powers.

There are many examples of existing ERP-systems, but they are distinguished by their high cost and the need for improvements to a particular company for which must also pay a lump sum. We offer a different approach, namely the creation of the ERP-system exclusively for your company with all its features and needs, thus you can save your money and get the maximum result.

JWC creates and provides successful high-quality and cost-effective ERP system software products to solve problems in different business areas (finance, medicine, technology) with quality programming, re-engineering, data migration, porting software, maintenance, support, analysis, research, concept creation, design, drafting documentation, testing , quality control, auditing, graphic design.