School Management Software

Just Web Click (JWC) specializes in the analysis, design and development of school management software to systematize and automate the students, academic and administrative processes in educational institutions.

JWC School Management Software Modules:

• Teachers and Students Management

• Academic Management Module

• Economic Management Module

• Library Management Module

• Module Management Tools

• School Management Module Web

JWC school management software included in a single package all students, academic and administrative processes of the educational institution, facilitating coordination among managers, teachers, students and parents through the optimization of all resources possible saving you time, effort and money.

Director / Coordinator Administrative Staff:

• School Monitoring and Control

• Academic Management

• Portfolio Management

• Resource Management

• Notifications in Web Module or e-mail

• Planning and decision making


• Definition of Curriculum

• Register of Qualifications

• Evaluation of Teaching

• Monitoring Reports

• Statistics


• Online Consultation on Qualifications

• School Consultation Agenda

• Consultation Online Library


• Online Consultation on Qualifications

• Online Consultation Statement

• Agenda Consultation School

• Truancy Notification (Email)

• Notifications Discipline (Email)

Our solutions CRM / ERP will facilitate more efficient management of your school.

We know that every organization has special needs, and that a standard tool is not always able to satisfy them properly. It is often more efficient to build a solution, point by point, meets the functional requirements and requirements of educational organization.

Expert Analysis: Our expert team includes the client’s requirements and transforms them into functional requirements. We advise our clients on the most appropriate solution, and we manage to transform the requirements into a fully functional application.

Design and programming: The custom developments require an advanced knowledge and technical definition. In JWC school management software are used to successfully perform technical design, architecture and data model starting practically from 0.

Reliable development environments: Result of our experience, we now has owners of development environments and libraries that allow us to move quickly and safely in the construction of applications that the client needs.

Test Plan: The Office of computer verifies the quality of JWC school management software ensures that all elements work perfectly developed.

All efforts your school will be integrated in a single environment, improving efficiency and productivity of your team. You get an absolute control of all management functions of your company in the same software and can plan and monetize more easily all tasks related to your school way.