Library Management Software

Just Web Click (JWC) undertakes the design and development of software of any kind. The company has extensive experience in database applications in environment Windows & UNIX,its expertise in WEB and extensive know-how in contemporary tools RDBMS, such as SQL Server & Oracle, all the visual application development environments such as .NET languages ​and operating in heterogeneous environments such as Java. A significant part of the production process takes place in environments, software tools and open source.

The JWC team specializes in the analysis, design and development of library management software using advanced methodologies and technologies, having always aim to offer programs and services of high quality that meet the most specialized all needs. This section deals with both the development of our standard products and applications, and the implementation of ‘on demand’ IT systems, according to specifications.

The company is investing significantly in research and development evolves constantly based methodology which developed all its products. So design products that inherit single technical,functional and architectural features directly monitoring technological developments. Their main characteristics of JWC library management software are:

• usability, usability and friendliness of systems to users

• ease of interoperability and data exchange with other information systems

• full interconnectivity of our applications and the creation of integrated environment management and operation

• the integrated security and encryption information for safe access to both network and local environment, mainly through the Internet

• N-planar distributed architecture enables multiple application servers that allow the load distribution in large installations

• full support of standard display XML data

• mechanisms for automatic upgrade versions via Internet (Live Update) to ensure a significant reduction of costs and time for upgrading the client

We believe that we are able to realize very quickly the client needs and to design library management software systems that provide reliable and efficient solutions. The design of the system includes the recording and analysis of requirements, configuration of scenarios of use, the selection of appropriate technologies for each case, the preparation of detailed specifications and scenarios systems audits, implementation, implementation and ongoing support.