Hospital Management Software

Do you need new software for your hospital management? Then you’ve come to the right place, we specialize in developing custom complex medical databases management software.

JWC develop and provide high quality and cost effective hospital software with documentation of findings, patient and doctor data management systems, documentation systems for medical data and communication software. An incorporated new era health center administration programming software which merges most recent engineering and your regulatory methodology to oversee work handle inside the hospital.

JWS Hospital Management Software Modules:

• Services Management

• Patient Management

• OPD Management

• IPD Management

• Discharge Summary

• Consultant Management

• Store Management

• Laboratory Management

• Security Management

• Pharmacy Management

• Radiology Management

• Medical Data

• Reception Management

• MRD Management

• MIS Reports

• Payroll & HRD Management

• Accounts Management

Just Web Click provides software development in order to companies implementing integrated information systems, large software vendors or health organizations that are end-users of these products. The development is either assigned by the end user or subcontracts for hire or reward acts as contractor. Our contribution covers all stages of the hospital management software life cycle: requirements analysis, design, implementation, monitoring & testing, training and ongoing support.

The design and implementation of hospital management software following agile methodology and specifically the Scrum . The implementation is done in repeated phases. The whole process is highly transparent to the client. For this purpose, use appropriate systems to coordinate cooperation remotely.

JWC offer customize Hospital Management Software – IT Solutions made to real measure for hospital and metrology.

• Hospital Management Software

• Medical Management Software

• Healthcare Management Software

Just Web Click (JWC) has several years of experience in developing applications of health, medical and hospital. We are able to take. The entire process from definition to delivery at our expense it is of course also possible to pay attention. From a part of a project to us if required we can also carry out a major project in collaboration with trusted partners to us.

JWC develops within a very short time a full-fledged hospital application that suits your needs. We are able to do this, because we have in recent years deployed with effectively our carefully selected standards and standard methods.