CRM Management Software

Just Web Click (JWC) offer a full cycle of software development, IT outsourcing services, including the development of software for the order and the establishment of various corporate systems and applications – automated enterprise management systems (CRM systems).

CRM (Customer relationship management) – strategy for managing relationships with customers believing that the center of all business philosophy is the client and the main activities are measures to support effective marketing, sales and customer service.

Technology to support these business objectives includes the collection, storage and analysis of information about customers, suppliers, partners, and the internal processes of the company. Functions to support these business objectives include sales, marketing, customer support, quality management, training and professional development of employees, recruitment and development of personnel,
management personnel motivation. Technology to support CRM initiatives should be integrated as part of a customer-centric strategy.

Automation tools (software applications) CRM-strategies that can help increase the effectiveness of relationship management, as well as provide the necessary infrastructure for this.

There are many ready-made CRM-systems, but each of them focuses on a generalization of the business processes of enterprises, or the lack thereof and, accordingly, the need to refine the system, which requires no little cash. We propose to develop a system specifically for your company without any extra functions and overpaying for them. Pay only for what you really need!

JWC provide integrated approach in the design, implementation and deployment of a complex system of CRM and business management allows you to get a product that best meets all your needs and get the
most effective result of business automation, expressed in increasing the growth, productivity of your organization.